Friday, April 30, 2010

half way

well i did the fight and the first 5 are done so far mike Tyson is getting whooped out of 5 Ali has 4 KOs mike Tyson has 1 KO all the fights from now on i think are going to be KOs because there both really explosive and are vary hard hitters but i think Ali will win the most part of the fights by KO as i said before i think Ali is to fast to skilled for Tyson but if Tyson hits like he did when he won he could win but all Ali needs to do is win 2 more matches and its a sweep but I will still run 10 fights .I will say how when and who won i dont know about everybody else but i think ali will sweep no problam that in the picture is what will happen in the match and look at how exsposed he let him self ali can jus punch him in the face and he will be dazed. but never count out a big hitter one hit it could be over and thats mike tyson
and lastly i want to thank my friend for letting use his game to test it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

weaknesses of the fighters

some times Ali would get to cocky and leave him self open to get hit or his rope a dope technique dint work and he would get hurt and from here he would lose his movement if he got hit hard enough or took enough damage and his legs are no more and he liked to move around and if he cant move he has to slug it out. but if that doesn't happen he will win hands mike Tyson was just a brawler he will just stand and slug it out and he will win but its a problem if you have no plan or movement and he is slower than Ali and he will be picked apart with the jab Tyson is to slow to hit Ali wen hes against the ropes mike also is just a stand there and punch until he hit something or gets tired and with Ali it will probably be get tired i think Ali wins by KO in the later portion of the fight. If this happened in real life but the setter is out of 10 and i think it gonna be close but Ali will do it i will start the game up and every pots i will release one of the fights info.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tyson didn't really have a strategy, he just stood there with a wide stance and swung until he hit the person. If that didn't work he would start with head movement and he would avoid till he got his energy back and restart.This wouldn't continue because Ali would tire him out. Then work the jab and he would probably start to throw heave punches and knock out Tyson. the strategy he had was if he hit that one punch it would daze Ali and Tyson would attack while he was confused. and that would put Ali in danger. I looked at a stats website and a lot of the people think Tyson will lose by TKO.I honestly think Ali would just out work him the reach Tyson could not get past it will be back and forth until some one gets stupid or lazy and some one will lose. I am going to base the winner out of 10 fights on fight night round 4 with regular stats i know this isn't the true thing but its the best thing I can think of to settle this in a few days or weeks I will post who won how many times how they won and highlights all of this will be settaled

I have reviewed and watched many videos about Ali and Tyson. from what ive reviewed Mike Tyson is a very heavy puncher, he has a very wide stance, and is very vunerable with a wide stance. He plants his feet and swings for the ropes, in my opinion Ali would pick him apart. Ali has a very strong arms, quick feet, and can avoid heavy punches. Ali and Tyson have different fighting specials, stances, and ways to avoid their opponent. Tyson's special is his dodge to uppercut. Tyson also stays inside and goes for big punches. Ali's special is the Ali shuffle. that is a straight punch to the face. Ali has a lot of head movement. Ali being a smart fighter used the rope-a-dope (what they called it) technique against his opponent. which was standing against the rope making his opponent tired from punching then taking control of the fight. All Tyson did was go for the huge punches hoping to knock out the opponent. he was just a street brawler. but he was mean and viscious. Ali intimidated his opponents not just in the ring, but in his mental games out side the ring toying with the opponents mind. He would always get in the fighters head and mentally and physically win the fight.

Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm Sawyer. I'm funny, athletic and respectful. I decided to blog about who would win in a fight, Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali, because it seems like something that is interesting and I like technical fighting I also like big punches I don't know a whole lot about boxing but this would be one heck of a fight, also i like counter punches and knock outs. i will show many stats of Mike Tyson, I will show his strong points, and his week points. Also i will give stats for Ali. truthfully i like Ali more. I will make this as fair as possible.

Mike Tyson a hard opponent, but he can be beat. Mike Tyson has hard punches and is a brawler.(not easy to knock out) Ali is swift,smooth, and fast. he was thought to be the best, he had all the moves. Tyson, was strong but had a short reach. In boxing it is critical to stay inside or outside of the jab. People with short reach tend to go inside and damage. If Tyson wants to knock Ali out he will leave him self open for counters. The counters are possible to lead to a K.O of Tyson. Ali will keep his groove and he will work his reach advantage. If both Ali and Tyson fight smart it will go all rounds and end with the judges scorecards. Keep reading to see the stats of Ali and Tyson.