Tuesday, April 27, 2010

weaknesses of the fighters

some times Ali would get to cocky and leave him self open to get hit or his rope a dope technique dint work and he would get hurt and from here he would lose his movement if he got hit hard enough or took enough damage and his legs are no more and he liked to move around and if he cant move he has to slug it out. but if that doesn't happen he will win hands down.now mike Tyson was just a brawler he will just stand and slug it out and he will win but its a problem if you have no plan or movement and he is slower than Ali and he will be picked apart with the jab Tyson is to slow to hit Ali wen hes against the ropes mike also is just a stand there and punch until he hit something or gets tired and with Ali it will probably be get tired i think Ali wins by KO in the later portion of the fight. If this happened in real life but the setter is out of 10 and i think it gonna be close but Ali will do it i will start the game up and every pots i will release one of the fights info.


  1. I think if Ali tried the rope a dope, Tyson would hurt him with body shots. I think he'd dance and jab, in and out, jab and circle. I think the fight would go the distance and Ali would win by a lot because, he'd make Tyson look silly...

  2. I think this fight would be who hit the big shot first. If Tyson hit Ali like he hit many of his first round victims, well, it could be a quick fight. The longer it went the more the tables might shift to Ali. I agree, rope-a-dope would not work with Tyson. Even his shots to the arms would be devestating.

  3. I don't know nuthin' bout no rope a dope...but I DO like the song you added =)