Friday, April 30, 2010

half way

well i did the fight and the first 5 are done so far mike Tyson is getting whooped out of 5 Ali has 4 KOs mike Tyson has 1 KO all the fights from now on i think are going to be KOs because there both really explosive and are vary hard hitters but i think Ali will win the most part of the fights by KO as i said before i think Ali is to fast to skilled for Tyson but if Tyson hits like he did when he won he could win but all Ali needs to do is win 2 more matches and its a sweep but I will still run 10 fights .I will say how when and who won i dont know about everybody else but i think ali will sweep no problam that in the picture is what will happen in the match and look at how exsposed he let him self ali can jus punch him in the face and he will be dazed. but never count out a big hitter one hit it could be over and thats mike tyson
and lastly i want to thank my friend for letting use his game to test it.


  1. Ya, thanks Eddie, cuz I'm still not buying you that game =)

  2. I'm surprised that Tyson got one KO.
    Great job so far!