Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm Sawyer. I'm funny, athletic and respectful. I decided to blog about who would win in a fight, Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali, because it seems like something that is interesting and I like technical fighting I also like big punches I don't know a whole lot about boxing but this would be one heck of a fight, also i like counter punches and knock outs. i will show many stats of Mike Tyson, I will show his strong points, and his week points. Also i will give stats for Ali. truthfully i like Ali more. I will make this as fair as possible.

Mike Tyson a hard opponent, but he can be beat. Mike Tyson has hard punches and is a brawler.(not easy to knock out) Ali is swift,smooth, and fast. he was thought to be the best, he had all the moves. Tyson, was strong but had a short reach. In boxing it is critical to stay inside or outside of the jab. People with short reach tend to go inside and damage. If Tyson wants to knock Ali out he will leave him self open for counters. The counters are possible to lead to a K.O of Tyson. Ali will keep his groove and he will work his reach advantage. If both Ali and Tyson fight smart it will go all rounds and end with the judges scorecards. Keep reading to see the stats of Ali and Tyson.


  1. This is an interesting concept and you have included many facts that most people probably don't know.

  2. This is a great idea. I can't wait to see who wins. I hope it's Ali!

  3. Watching and admiring both fighters for their very different styles in and out of the ring, I for one am sorry there could not be a real bout with these two in their prime.

  4. Ali will win! I love his dancing feet.